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Marathon Training for Beginners

Marathon Training for First-Time Marathoners

beginning marathon training groupIf you’ve always wanted to run a marathon but never thought you could do it, this is the place for you. At Sophros Fitness, I believe that anyone of any fitness level can successfully train for and complete a marathon. The key ingredients you need are desire and commitment. Sophros Fitness will do the rest, from helping you determine your long- and short-term goals to writing a unique training program.

Why train for a marathon with me?

  • beginning marathon trainera personalized marathon training schedule that fits your life and fitness level and that can be adjusted as needed
  • weekly check-in by phone or email
  • information and referrals for medical questions or injuries
  • nutritional counseling specifically for runners
  • a coach who is committed to running and health as a lifestyle, not a special occasion
  • a coach who has walked the beginner’s path and knows the joys and frustrations of pushing your limits (read more)
  • See a list of T.J. Ford's marathon history

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Personalized Training Programs

beginning marathon runner's legsThere is no one-size fits all training program, so I take into account your current health and fitness levels, your time frame, and your lifestyle and come up with a personalized training program that works for you. In addition, we’ll have weekly check-ins via email or telephone to monitor your progress, answer questions and concerns, and cheer you on through your training.

Download a sample marathon training program (PDF; 100 KB).

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Read testimonials from clients who have taken advantage of my marathon training program:

"T.J.’s running program was exactly what I needed. It kept me focused and motivated, and the program wasn’t overwhelming for me, even though I travel around the country. She provided a daily journal where I could write down my food intake, actual miles completed, and my thoughts and feelings for the day. I really appreciate T.J.’s willingness to be available for questions and her ability to keep me on track!"

Alli Longstreth, Portland, OR

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