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Trigger Point & Deep Tissue Massage :: Zero Balancing in Portland, Oregon

Sophros Fitness offers trigger point & deep tissue massage therapy and Zero Balancing for my clients in the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington metro area.

Sports Massage for Runners & Athletes

sports massage portlandRunners and athletes even those just beginning to find the athlete within need to take care of their bodies. Rest and rejuvenation are vital components of any training program. As a runner, you pay close attention to your shoes and clothes, your training plans, and your diet. You also need to pay attention to your muscles, bones and joints to keep them in top condition. Just as you maintain your car with regular oil changes and tune-ups, you’ll want to maintain your muscles, bones and joints with regular massage to keep them in top training condition. With a healthy body, you can train optimally and see results.

Deep Tissue & Trigger Point Sports Massage in Portland

deep tissue massage therapy portlandSophros Fitness offers trigger point and deep tissue sports massage. These invigorating massages can help relieve pain and discomfort, increase flexibility and range of motion, and may help speed recovery after injuries. I'll work specifically with your areas of concern, using a combination of massage, stretching and exercises to help your muscles return to optimal functioning.

Massage is a great way to take care of yourself after a week of intensive training. Done on your rest days, it can help you recover more quickly and easily. You’ll soon find it become an integral part of your running and your life.

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Zero Balancing

Zero Balancing is a gentle, deeply relaxing full-body therapy. Done with the client fully clothed, the work accesses and relieves tension in your bones and joints. Freeing up these restrictions allows energy to flow more freely through your body, providing greater ease and freedom of movement. It can also help you to overcome the physical, mental or emotional plateaus that we all occasionally experience.

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sophros fitnessGreek sophron balance and equilibrium in all things; living a balanced life

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